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Life Update

Hey there!

Wow! another week has just slipped by! I have to be honest and say that I have been pretty lazy over the last couple of days. Being lazy makes me tired which in turn makes me lazier.(not sure if thats a real word)

I am eagerly waiting for my textbook to arrive, for a short course in CSI that I have registered for. I am super excited not only to finally get to dust off my brain and put it to use, but also because it is going to be pretty awesome!

But in the mean time I have other things that I need to finish, like my Ghostbuster’s blanket. I also have this huge pile of washing that needs to be ironed but I keep putting it off. “Sarah stop being a bum and get to work!” Hmmm I wonder if that will work? Probably not 😦

Have an awesome day!!! (my desk is looking awfully crowded…anothing thing to add to my to-do list.)

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