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Back On The Road

I got my learner’s licence a while back, but I haven’t been out driving for ages. This is why…

During one of my lessons I had a near accident which totally freaked me out. I was terrified of getting into the driver’s seat in fear of putting anyone at harm again. My sister was with me when I nearly hit that tree. I just kept thinking that I could have seriously injured her. Thanks to God, none of us got hurt, and the car was just a bit scratched.

Thankfully I have an amazing sister who is still willing, some times eager, to take me out driving. Today was the first time that I climbed back into the driver’s seat since that all happened. I am so much more careful, which is a good thing, and I am picking up where I left off.

So guys please don’t give up doing something due to fear. It is so not worth it. I feel way better now and looking forward to finally hitting the road with a driver’s licence!!! (and an awesome car!)

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