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Winter’s Chills

I have a love/hate feeling about winter. I love the rain, the wind and the crisp fresh air. I hate the icy chill that sneaks into my bones when I least expect it, leaving me all shivery and wishing for summer.

We haven’t had a lot of rain this year and so we have water restrictions, our dams are getting scary low. But even so, the little rain we have had is causing all the planty things to grow. Everywhere you look you will see bits of green popping its head out. It looks so beautiful!

As I type this, I am currently wrapped up to my nose in warm and fluffy things. If you had to walk into my lounge now, you would only see my eyes peeking out just below a super thick and chunky beanie! I have a nice hot cup of coffee in my hands as well, the perfect thing to warm my insides.


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