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Finding Ruth

I am currently reading a commentary on Ruth by Iain M. Duguid, it has been really interesting and challenging so far.

One of these challenges was to find the Ruths in our lives. Ruth was a foreigner, an outsider, a stranger. Our lives are filled with people like this, people that we don’t even notice because we are so busy, wrapped up in our own worlds.

I challenged myself to go through one day, greeting and acknowledging people that I wouldn’t normally. I was surprised by the way that they responded to a ‘hello’ or even just a smile!

We, as people, need to be acknowledged. We like to know that we aren’t invisible, that we matter to someone.

This opened my eyes to others around me, whom I so often overlooked. I feel ashamed when I look back at the times I just walked by, ignoring them.

Be aware of others, don’t be so focused on your own little world, there are so many people around you that just need a smile from you.thJH8O4ZQO

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