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Its a New Year!


Hey there it is 2019!!!! Woah!!! And Jan is practically done. Where did the time go?

Have you made any resolutions? Or set any goals for this year?

I am no good at following my list, but every year I make one. Here are some of my 2019 goals…

  1. Check out some little coffee shops and other awesome places that I haven’t been to. Go exploring and see a bit more of Cape Town.
  2. Maybe learn another language.
  3. Get better at blogging.
  4. Learn to paint.
  5. Learn to play the piano.
  6. Get some crazy new hair colour!
  7. Make my own swim suit.
  8. Make my own sprinkles and then make a confetti cake! Yum!!
  9. Grow an oak tree from an acorn.
  10. Just be brave and get up to some crazy but fun stuff!!!


Lets see how far I get…knowing me I will probably add to and change this list a dozen times throughout the year.

This year is going to be fantastic with many challenges and adventures!


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