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Royal Revolt 2

I spend way too much time playing Royal Revolt 2. Its important to get my town well-fortified, you know. I can’t have random people trying to defeat me now can I? My game name is Spanish Ducks. Don’t ask me why, All the really awesome names are always taken, so I just used the first thing that popped into my head. And once again I have no clue why I […]

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Daily Prompt: Confused

You are probably CONFUSED as to why I am typing about the word ‘confused’ Haha well to be honest I don’t really have a reason. I just thought the idea of a blogging prompt to be cute 🙂 So I am blogging about confusion. Hahaha sorry I think this isn’t good. I am starting to make myself a bit confused. I’d better go before something happens, like I become enlightened. 😛 via […]

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Brownie Butt-flop

so everyone loves brownies right? Yeah, well at least I do. Now you see, I wanted to make some brownies but we were out of eggs so I went online to look for an egg-free brownie recipe. I found one, buuut it didn’t turn out the way brownies are supposed to be. In fact it was awful. It didn’t cook, like at all. So basically had made brownie dough that […]

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Welcome :)

Soo this is my very first post since I got my blog up and running. Why you are here or are even reading this post, I have no clue. But since you are here…. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah. Yup just Sarah. Pretty cool hey, no super long and complex names with difficult pronunciations. So now you know my name but still have no idea who I […]

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